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Getting started with Microsoft YARP

February 20, 2021 by Anuraj

AspNetCore YARP ReverseProxy

This article discuss about YARP - A Reverse Proxy. YARP is a library to help create reverse proxy servers that are high-performance, production-ready, and highly customizable. So what is a reverse proxy? A reverse proxy is an intermediate connection point placed at a network’s edge. It receives initial HTTP connection requests and behave like the actual endpoint based on the configuration. Reverse Proxy acts as gateway between your application and users.

Running custom availability tests using Azure Functions

February 14, 2021 by Anuraj

Azure WebJobs Monitoring Serverless

This article shows you how create and run custom availability tests using Azure Functions. This is an update to the blog post about monitoring WebJobs using Application Insights, since Microsoft is deprecating the Load Test and Performance features, this is the recommended alternative for monitoring availability. To get started you need to create an Azure function in C# with Timer Trigger. You can choose the trigger interval based on your requirement. This is one of the main advantage compared to Application Insights availability test feature. Next you need to add following packages.

Building Realtime applications on Angular with ASPNET Core and SignalR

February 09, 2021 by Anuraj

AspNetCore Angular SignalR

This article shows you how to build realtime applications on Angular with ASP.NET Core and SignalR. To get started you need to create an ASP.NET Core application and configure SignalR hub in that. I am using a Web API application. You can do this by dotnet new webapi command. Once it is created, you need to create a Hub - which the one of the core components in the SignalR framework. Here is the Hub implementation.

Monitor Azure WebJobs status with Azure Application Insights

February 08, 2021 by Anuraj

Azure ApplicationInsights Monitoring

This article shows you how to monitor Azure WebJobs using Azure Application Insights. WebJobs is a feature of Azure App Service that enables you to run a program or script in the same instance as a web app, API app, or mobile app. There is no additional cost to use WebJobs. If you’re using Azure WebJobs monitoring WebJobs is little hard. You might need to login into Kudu and need to check the status. Recently I had to implement a solution which helps me to monitor Azure WebJobs. Basically by monitoring Web Jobs I wanted to verify whether the service is able to complete the operation successfully or it is still running or it is failed. In this post I am using Azure Application Insights and Kudu REST API to monitor the availability of the Web Jobs. You will be using the Availability feature of Application Insights with the help of MultiStep tests.

Azure App Service - Enable the Health Check

February 07, 2021 by Anuraj

Azure AppService

This article shows you what is App Service Health Check feature and how to enable it. This feature will help you to improve the availability of your Azure App Service. You can increase the availability and throughput by scaling the app into multiple instances. But what will happen due to some exceptions one of your app becomes faulty and not responding? This feature helps you to configure an endpoint, in which system will ping on configured intervals, if an app service instance fails to respond to this ping, system remove the instance from your load balancer. This feature introduced in Azure App service in 2019 and now it is Generally Available and ready for production applications.

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