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Live Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2017

March 11, 2017 by Anuraj

Visual Studio 2017 Unit Testing Live Unit Testing

This post is about Live Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2017. With VS2017, Microsoft released Live Unit Testing. Live Unit Testing automatically runs the impacted unit tests in the background as you edit code, and visualizes the results and code coverage, live in the editor.

Create a dotnet new project template in dotnet core

March 10, 2017 by Anuraj

Visual Studio 2017 dotnet swagger

This post is about creating project template for the dotnet new command. As part of the new dotnet command, now you can create Empty Web app, API app, MS Test and Solution file as part of dotnet new command. This post is about creating a Web API template with Swagger support.

What is new in Visual Studio 2017 for web developers?

March 09, 2017 by Anuraj

Visual Studio 2017 Visual Studio Web Development

This post is about new features of Visual Studio 2017 for Web Developers. The new features inclues ASP.NET Core tooling, CSProj support, Migration option from project.json to csproj, client side debugging improvements etc.

Create an offline installer for Visual Studio 2017

March 08, 2017 by Anuraj

Visual Studio 2017 Visual Studio

This post is about building an offline installer for Visual Studio 2017. On March 7th 2017, Microsoft introduced Visual Studio 2017. Unlike earlier versions of Visual Studio, Microsoft don’t offer an ISO image. This post will help you to install Visual Studio when you’re offline.

Aspect oriented programming with ASP.NET Core

February 24, 2017 by Anuraj


This post is about implementing simple AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) with ASP.NET Core. AOP is a programming paradigm that aims to increase modularity by allowing the separation of cross-cutting concerns. It does so by adding additional behavior to existing code (an advice) without modifying the code itself. An example of crosscutting concerns is “logging,” which is frequently used in distributed applications to aid debugging by tracing method calls. AOP helps you to implement logging without affecting you actual code.

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