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Change schema name in Entity Framework Core

October 18, 2022 by Anuraj

dotnet dotnetcore efcore

This post is about how to change schema name in EF Core. By default when we are running EF Core migrations, EF Core will create tables in the default dbo schema. We can change it with fluent API and using attributes.

Add Unit Tests To Your Azure Functions

October 05, 2022 by Anuraj

Azure Functions Serverless UnitTesting

This post is about how to add unit tests your azure functions. Like ASP.NET Core apps and Web APIs, we can add unit tests for Azure Functions as well. I am using Visual Studio and C#. I am creating the function in .NET as well. First I am creating an Azure Function using Visual Studio. I am modifying the existing function a little and the updated function looks like this.

Building ASP.NET Core Minimal API in VB.NET

September 22, 2022 by Anuraj

AspNetCore MinimalApi VBNet

This post is about how to build ASP.NET Core Minimal API in VB.NET. Long back I wrote a blog post about Building ASP.NET Core web apps with VB.NET. Today Maurice asked whether we can build ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs in VB.NET. So I thought I will wrote a blog post about it.

Implementing Google Web Risk API in ASPNET Core

September 19, 2022 by Anuraj

AspNetCore GoogleCloud WebRisk Security

This post is about how to implement Google Web Risk API in ASP.NET Core with C#. Google Web Risk is a Google Cloud service that lets client applications check URLs against Google’s constantly updated lists of unsafe web resources. It is an enterprize version of the Google Safe Browsing API. When I tried to implement this API in our application. Unfortunately I couldn’t find in C# or .NET Sample. The documentation site contains only Java sample. So I thought of posting it.

Streaming Videos from Azure Blob Storage

September 01, 2022 by Anuraj

Azure Storage Account

This post is about how to stream videos from Azure Blob storage. Recently some one asked on tweet - about how to stream videos from azure storage account. Since in one of my project I was also loading videos from azure blob, I thought I will explore it a little bit. In the project I am displaying the video in <video> tag. So without downloading the full video files, users won’t be able to play it. And even if users are not playing the video, it will always download the full video. Here is the network tab - with 6 video files with 25 MB.

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