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Streaming Videos from Azure Blob Storage

September 01, 2022 by Anuraj

Azure Storage Account

This post is about how to stream videos from Azure Blob storage. Recently some one asked on tweet - about how to stream videos from azure storage account. Since in one of my project I was also loading videos from azure blob, I thought I will explore it a little bit. In the project I am displaying the video in <video> tag. So without downloading the full video files, users won’t be able to play it. And even if users are not playing the video, it will always download the full video. Here is the network tab - with 6 video files with 25 MB.

Custom Model Binding in ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs

August 29, 2022 by Anuraj

AspNetCore MinimalApi

This post is about how to use custom model binding in ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs. By default ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs don’t support the FromBody attribute. This will become a challenge when we try to upload files to Web API with Minimal APIs. Here is some code for implementing File Upload in Minimal Web API.

Create Containerized Build Agents with Azure DevOps Pipelines

August 20, 2022 by Anuraj

Azure DevOps

This post is about how to create containerized build agents with azure devops pipeline. Few days back I wrote a blog post on creating Azure Virtual Machine as Azure DevOps pipeline build agent. In this post we will be discussing about how to use Docker container as build agent. We can use this build agents for .NET Core and .NET Framework or any other languages / platforms. For this demo I am creating a build agent for a ASP.NET Core project.

API Versioning with ASP.NET Core 6.0 Minimal APIs

August 11, 2022 by Anuraj

AspNetCore DotNetCore MinimalApi

This post is about how to implement api versioning in ASP.NET Core 6.0 Minimal APIs. Earlier Minimal APIs versioning was not supported. Recently ASP.NET Core team introduced versioning in ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs. To implement it, first we need to create a Web API with Minimal API - we need .NET 6.0 or more to do this. Since I installed .NET 7 Preview versions, I am using the --framework version parameter. We can create web api with the command like this - dotnet new webapi -o WeatherForecastApi -minimal --framework net6.0. Once it is done, we need to add reference of Asp.Versioning.Http version 6.0.0-preview.3 using the command dotnet add package Asp.Versioning.Http --version 6.0.0-preview.3.

Creating your first Azure Container App

August 08, 2022 by Anuraj

Azure Docker Container

This post is about what is azure container app and how to deploy a docker image to azure container app. The Azure Container Apps service enables you to run microservices and containerized applications on a serverless platform. First we can search for Container App in the search box - and select the Container App and click on the card.

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