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Expression Bodied Functions and Properties in C# 6.0

December 03, 2014 by Anuraj

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Expression bodied functions are another syntax simplification in C# 6.0. These are functions with no statement body. Instead, you implement them with an expression, similar to Lamda expressions.

Verify Internet connection is available using C#

December 01, 2014 by Anuraj

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While reviewing some code, I found a snippet for checking internet connection, like this

Dependency Injection in ASP.NET 5

November 19, 2014 by Anuraj

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Dependency injection is a software design pattern that implements inversion of control and allows a program design to follow the dependency inversion principle. An injection is the passing of a dependency (a service) to a dependent object (a client). The service is made part of the client’s state. Passing the service to the client, rather than allowing a client to build or find the service, is the fundamental requirement of the pattern. The pattern is used to create program designs that are loosely coupled and testable.

New C# 6.0 features

November 14, 2014 by Anuraj

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As part of the Connect(); event, Microsoft introduced VS2015 Preview, which includes C# 6.0 with few more features. (These features are not included in my earlier post What is new in C# 6.0, as I already mentioned these features introduced by Microsoft in the Connect(); event few days back.)

First look into Visual Studio Community 2013

November 13, 2014 by Anuraj

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Yesterday Connect(); Event, Scott Guthrie and Soma Somasegar made a number of important announcements for the cloud-first, mobile-first developer. Visual Studio Community 2013 is a new free, fully-featured edition of Visual Studio that lets developers target any platform, from desktop and mobile to web and cloud.

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