Windows is trying to configure Visio upon Application Start-up

January 20, 2015 by Anuraj

Miscellaneous Windows 7

This post is not related to anything programming :) In my system, when launching Visio, the application will pause while displaying “Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Visio”. And after sometime, it shows the main window.

Windows is trying to configure Visio

I tried repair, but it was not working. Today I found a similar Microsoft Support article - 2685120. And the solution worked for me :)

This can be caused by the [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.vsd] key not being equal to “Visio.Drawing.11” or equal to “VisioViewer.Viewer” if you have Visio Viewer Installed. To fix this error, change the value to “Visio.Drawing.11” or “VisioViewer.Viewer”.

But still I will say, Happy Programming :D

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