Azure Functions consumption plan naming

January 23, 2022 by Anuraj

Azure Serverless

This post is about how to follow naming conventions for Azure Function consumption plans. Unlike Azure App Services, when we create Azure Functions with consumption plan Azure will create a plan name which you can’t modify. If you’re following certain naming conventions it will be different from what you’re following. Here is an example.

Azure Function Review and Create

If you choose App Service Plan or Premium Plan there is an option to create new plan with the name.

I was following the naming convention from Microsoft Docs. You can find more details here and here.

There is no direct way to solve this problem. But we can do something like - create an ARM template and deploy it instead of creating it directly. So in the Review + Create screen, click on the Download a template for automation link. We will get a screen like this.

ARM Template Screen

In this screen choose the Deploy option. It will redirect to Custom Deployment screen - in this screen you will get an option to create / modify the Hosting Plan Name. And which will help you to configure your Function App consumption plan name.

ARM Template - Deployment Screen

This way you can create Azure Function consumption plans with our desired name.

Here are some resources which will help you to learn more about Azure Resource naming.

Happy Programming :)

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