First look into Visual Studio Community 2013

November 13, 2014 by Anuraj

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Yesterday Connect(); Event, Scott Guthrie and Soma Somasegar made a number of important announcements for the cloud-first, mobile-first developer. Visual Studio Community 2013 is a new free, fully-featured edition of Visual Studio that lets developers target any platform, from desktop and mobile to web and cloud.

Visual Studio Community 2013

Visual Studio Community 2013 also supports full Visual Studio extensibility, offering access to the ecosystem of over 5000 extensions. You can download it from here. You can also try Visual Studio Community 2013 in Azure VM image.

What is new in Visual Studio Community 2013

  • Professional-grade editing, code analysis, and debugging support - Your favourite Refactor and Debugging features are included.

  • Support for open-source workflows (Git).
  • Compilers for managed languages, C++ and more
  • Cross-platform mobile development including the web, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone with the free Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova extension.

  • Take advantage of cloud services with simplified Azure SDK integration, and incorporate modern app analytics and telemetry with Application Insights. Application Insights collects, processes and presents a wide variety of telemetry including performance, usage, availability, exception, crash, environment, log and developer-supplied data from all components of a modern application – including clients (devices and browser), servers, databases and services. Application Insights

  • Access to all the Visual Studio 2013 extensions on the Visual Studio Gallery

Visual Studio Community 2013 includes Update 4, which is a cumulative update of all previous Visual Studio 2013 updates.

Happy Programming :)

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