Introduction to Visual Studio Code for ASP.NET5 development

May 09, 2015 by Anuraj

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In Build 2015, Microsoft introduced cross platform code editor. You can download Visual Studio code from here

Visual Studio Code

This post is about features of Visual Studio code for ASP.NET 5 development.

Visual Studio code supports Intellisense with the help of Omnisharp, Visual Studio code support full intellisense. Unlike Sublime or Brackets, you don’t need to worry about installing and starting Omnisharp server, VS code will do it automatically. You require either solution file(*.sln) or project.json file for C# Intellisense.

NuGet reference management in project.json

VS Code also detects changes in the project.json file and ask you to restore the packages. NuGet reference management and prompting for package restore is a new feature, which is not available in Sublime or any other similar editors.

Prompting for nuget package restore

Here is the CSS - Intellisense using VS Code

CSS - Intellisense

VS Code also supports Javascript intellisense. Also it supports features like add reference of external libraries like JQuery.

Javascript - Add reference of JQuery

VS Code also support Bower.json intellisense.

Bower JSON - Intellisense

VS Code supports Visual Studio features like Peek Definition.

Peek Definition - VS Code

VS Code also supports running ASP.NET commands like dnu restore, dnx . web etc.

Execute dnx commands

You will find lots of Visual Studio like features in VS Code, like Go to definition, Find All References etc. You can find more about Visual Studio code from Visual Studio Code documentation

Happy Programming :)

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