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Configuring ASP.NET identity with Sqlite

November 04, 2015 by Anuraj

aspnet5 sqlite autofac

This post is about configuring the ASP.NET identity with Sqlite Database. In ASP.NET5, you can configure the identity to use Sqlite by modifying the DbContext. Instead of using SqlServer, you can use Sqlite.

Dependency injection with AutoFac in ASP.NET 5

October 31, 2015 by Anuraj

aspnet5 Dependency injection codeproject autofac

ASP.NET5 comes with inbuilt dependency injection framework. This post is about using Autofac DI framework instead the in built DI framework. You can find more details about ASP.NET5 DI Framework in ASP.NET5 DependencyInjection respository. And you can find more details about Autofac in Autofac documentation

Enabling GZip Compression in ASP.NET5

October 23, 2015 by Anuraj

aspnet5 dnx codeproject Compression

Compression is an easy and effective way to reduce the size and increase the speed of communication between a client and remote resource. Two common compression algorithms used on the web are GZip and Deflate. The Accept-Encoding header is used by a client to restrict the encoding types that are acceptable in the response.

dnx-watch - A no-compile developer experience

October 16, 2015 by Anuraj

aspnet5 dnx codeproject

If you’re using Visual Studio 2015 for ASP.NET 5 development, you can leaverage no-compile developer experience from Visual Studio, powered by Roslyn. This feature helps developers to see the code changes without compiling the source code. This feature was not available for DNX / K runtimes. There are some third party solutions available like kmon, which monitors the directory and restarts the server without user interaction. Long back I also wrote a C# wrapper on top of (K runtime)[]. The implementation is pretty strainght forward, using a filewatcher, I will be monitoring the directory and if there is any change, I will restart server. Incase of project.json file, I will be executing the package restore command and restarts the server. In ASP.NET5 Beta 8, ASP.NET team created a wrapper on top of DNX command, it is called dnx-watch. The dnx-watch command will run your application and then watch all of the project files for changes. When a file is changed the dnx-watch command restarts the application. This enables a rapid development workflow where you edit the code, save, and then refresh your browser to see the changes. You can install dnx-watch using dnu.

Ajax file upload with ASP.NET5

October 15, 2015 by Anuraj

aspnet5 jquery codeproject

This post is about uploading files to ASP.NET 5 web application using HTML5 file API. Most of the HTML5 File upload examples are using the “HttpContext.Current.Request.Files” which is not implemented in the ASP.NET5. The alternative is to use IFormFile, it is working fine, if you are using the normal Form - File upload combination. But in case of Ajax file upload it is not working. Later I found a SO post, which talks about File upload in ASP.NET5. It is mentioned like you need to read the body contents and save it using file stream. But when I did that, it was also not working. Later I found that the body contains the filename and content type information as well like this.

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