ASPNET 5 EntityFramework.SQLite for x64 platform

November 06, 2015 by Anuraj

aspnet5 sqlite

By default EntityFramework.SQLite will not work with x64 platform. Here is the tweak which helps you to target your ASP.NET 5 application for x64 platform.

  • Find the package install location. This could be %USERPROFILE%.dnx\packages\Microsoft.Data.Sqlite(version)\ - Since I am using beta 8, it is 1.0.0-beta8.
  • Create following two folders inside the package location.

  • %USERPROFILE%.dnx\packages\Microsoft.Data.Sqlite\1.0.0-beta8\runtimes\win\native\x64
  • %USERPROFILE%.dnx\packages\Microsoft.Data.Sqlite\1.0.0-beta8\runtimes\win-x64\native

  • Download the System.Data.SQLite Core from - You can download it here
  • Extract the nuget package - You can use any un zip tool for this purpose.
  • Copy the SQLite.Interop.dll from build\net451\x64\ folder, paste to the new folders created in step 2.
  • Rename the SQLite.Interop.dll files to sqlite3.dll.

Now you can run the ASP.NET 5 web apps with sqlite targetting x64 platform

Happy Programming

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