How to use NuGet without adding packages to TFS

October 02, 2013 by Anuraj

.Net Team Foundation Server Version Control Visual Studio

In the recent project I was using few nuget packages. And I was using TFS. Committing these packages into TFS was increasing the size of the repository. Later I found a solution using Enable NuGet Package Restore option. You can enable this option by right clicking on the solution file or from Project > Enable NuGet Package Restore option.

Enable NuGet Package Restore option

This will show up a confirmation message like this.

Enable NuGet Package Restore Confirmation

Once you accepts it, Visual Studio will add a .nuget folder to the solution, you need to check in the solution to TFS.

.NuGet folder in solution explorer

The nuget.config file contains following XML.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <add key="disableSourceControlIntegration" value="true" />

The disableSourceControlIntegration setting instructs version control systems like TFS to not add the NuGet packages folder to the pending check-ins list.

Now you can delete the packages folder and try to build it again, Visual Studio will be downloading packages for you.

Build - Output Window

Happy Programming.

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